The Creation of a Crystal Skull



Pepe is the name of the crystal skull produced under the watchful eye of Raven in the photos below.  This skull debuted in 1988 at the Crystal Congress held in Los Angeles, California.  Pepe was created by the Master Chinese Carver, Shan Gimn Wang, now retired.  Over 200 hours went into the carving process.  Special tools were manufactured on site to facilitate the work.  The final finish was applied by a second carver using diamond tipped tools.  Previously, nothing like Pepe had been seen in the crystal skull community.

The pictures below were taken at Raven's carving studio in Southern California.


This is Pepe in the rough, a 35 pound block of clear quartz crystal.



Master Carver Shan Gimn Wang roughing out the stone in preparation for carving.



Work is begun at Raven's studio.


Pepe begins to take on the skull shape.



Freeing the skull from the crystal takes a steady hand.







When all was said and done, Pepe tipped the scales at 16.5 pounds.

This skull now resides in a private collection.


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