Raven's Roost

Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Where is Raven's Roost located?

Raven's Roost is located in a remote setting in Northern Idaho.


Q: How long has Raven been in the lapidary business?

Raven has been a rockhound all of his life. The business developed over the past 25 or so years as his interest in carving led him in the direction of acquiring high quality "raw" materials. This need for high grade "rough" compelled him to seek out contacts across the globe.  These contacts have been refined and expanded over the years in an effort to provide not only quality raw materials, but also quality carvings to retail outlets.  Quality is not just an adjective used in Raven's business promotion, it is a driving force in his life.  Because he seeks quality for himself, he knows how to provide it for others.  His reputation has been built on this aspect of quality, as well as his fair and ethical business practices. 


Q: What exactly does Raven Sell?

Raven sells everything from large blocks of raw material to high end, one-of-a-kind, special order carvings.  If you need something not pictured at the site, please ask.  With Raven's extensive inventory, it is likely that he either has it warehoused at the Roost or he knows where he can get it.





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