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All photos on this website are of actual items in Raven's inventory. They are representative of the type of quality Raven deals in.

It is very possible that some of the stones pictured on this site have already been sold.  To find out what is currently available, it is best to view Ravenia's eBay auctions here

If you don't see something that suits your needs in Ravenia's listings at ebay, you can email Raven by clicking here.

To make the enquiry process as painless as possible (for all parties concerned), please indicate in your email specifically what it is that you are looking for!

Don't just write something vague like "how much are the skulls?" and expect an answer!

Raven is a very busy person... he also has THOUSANDS of rocks and carvings. For best results when enquring to the Roost, indicate precisely what you are seeking... ie. Type of stone; style of carving; approximate size; and any other details that are important to you.

Raven's Roost does not publish a catalog because each one of Raven's carvings are handmade -and therefore unique. The inventory is constantly changing.

Merchandise is priced according to quality of carving, and rarity or uniqueness of the stone. 




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