Who, exactly, is Raven?


This is a question a lot of people wonder about...

The webmistress is sworn to basic secrecy on this highly confidential subject, but she has been granted permission to divulge the following vague information...

Raven is a man steeped in mystery and, like his name sake, secretive about his personal life. However it is known that he has decades of experience in the lapidary trade. Raven deals in quality, this is apparent when you view the gemstones and jewels in his inventory.

Raven values his reputation of being honest and fair. He is well known in the lapidary industry as being honorable and true to his word.

He has developed a special relationship with merchants all over the world.  He imports raw material from Africa, Brazil, Canada, Madagascar, Turkey, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Russia, and China.  Having a self taught working knowledge of how to cut stone has helped him know how to perfect his merchandise.  The selection of the rough stones is the first step.  To understand what a piece will yield in cutting and polishing enhances the quality of the end product. Raven is committed to quality.  His merchandise reflects that commitment.

Crystal and Gemstone Skulls are a special interest to Raven.  He has been involved in carving them from the very beginning, approximately 30 years now. This has enabled him to develop a detailed carving style unique to his talents.  Raven skulls exhibit the neck attachments, hollowed out cheek bones, well defined hollowed out jaws and nasal cavities not present in skulls carved anywhere else.  This level of excellence is a result of Raven working continually with his carvers, constantly refining the shapes that they create for him.  It is a never-ending process...


Because we know many of you would like to put a face to the name,

here's a recent photo of Raven... 


As you can see, he really gets into his work!





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