Rough & Tumbled Stones


Mineral Specimens



Raven's Roost has an extensive inventory of rough and tumbled stones, and also mineral specimens.

The photos below are only a small handful of what Raven has to offer... but they do not even show the tip of the iceburg!



left: Azurite           right:  Polished Rhodochrosite Stalagtite cross-section




left: Ametrine rough                right:  Moldavite rough




left: 2 varieties of Beryl:  Morganite (pink) & Aquamarine (blue)

right:  Large Chinese Tektite




left: self-healed Tourmaline from California         right: Tourmalines from Brazil




left: Blue Calcite Crystal              right: Chrysocolla / Cuprite Slab



left: Azurite - Malachite Nodule               right: Labradorite Slab




left: Malachite Double Stalagtite Specimen        right: Amblygonite Crystal




left:  Herkimer Diamonds                            right:  Rainbow Hematite




left:  Madagascar Rose Quartz Rough for faceting       right: Ruby Rough




left:  Turquoise Nugget from Arizona                      right: Hexagonite



Amber Rough





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