Raven has thousands of spheres on hand at all times. If you are looking for unusual material, just ask. The Roost's inventory of spheres is so vast, we can only show a tiny sampling of what is available...



Left: Ametrine Sphere                                  Right:  Nearly Flawless Quartz Spheres




left: Mixed lot of Spheres                               right: Tourmalinated Quartz Sphere




Interesting Clear Quartz Spheres




Left: Lapis Sphere                                   Right: Madagascar Rose Quartz




Left: Charoite Sphere                                     Right: Lace Agate Sphere



Franklinite Spheres

left: under normal light right: under UV light





2 different Rhodonite Spheres      



Raven does not just have spheres, he also has a large variety of sphere stands too. Here is a handmade Sterling Silver sphere stand with a Ruby inlay.



Raven carries beads by the strand, above is a photo of some HawksEye Beads (Blue TigerEye).  He also has Sugilite and Lapis beads in stock at this time.



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